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From The Assistant District Director

Trevor Prioleau

Brothers and Visitors,

I am honored to serve as your Assistant District Director and would like to extend thanks to the Brothers for their trust in my ability to work with undergraduate and alumni Brothers as we continue to uphold the light of our great Fraternity. While goodwill will always be the monarch of this house, we are at crossroads as we must do more to make sure our house is secure. To that end, I am striving to create pathways that will Help Our Undergrads Secure Endeavors (H.O.U.S.E).  Through careful implementation of these pathways that are based on the ideals of the College of Friendship, the University of Brotherly Love and the School for the Better Making of Men. Through the development and implementation of the associated goals and objectives, we will continue to develop the next generation of Alpha leaders.

We must raise the standards so that Brothers develop and are equipped with the assets to continue to be leaders in their communities as well as take the mantles of leadership available in alumni chapters as we complete our first degrees. Alpha remains the standard bearer of what it means to be a member of BGLO and will continue to do so. With the support of every Brother in SC Alpha, undergraduate or alumni, each chapter within the District of South Carolina will prosper.

I look forward to working with, and for, every Brother as we build bridges for the next generation of leaders, ensuring our Brothers are not only present, but active as well.


Brother Trevor D. Prioleau

South Carolina Assistant District Director